Hasbury Community Association

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All our directors and volunteers live in Halesowen. They are unpaid and are giving their time for the good of the Community Centre.

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Your Directors

Cllr. Ian Cooper



I was born in Rowley and have lived in Colman Hill for nearly 15 years. I have been a community worker and supporter of the voluntary and community sector for a couple of decades and have a lot of experience in helping groups to develop. 

I got involved in the community campaign to help save the Sons of Rest building from closure and sale for housing. It was a terrific victory for residents in Hasbury when all their hard work paid off: the re-launched community centre is now once more a thriving focal point for local residents.  

Ian Bevan


Vice - Chair

I have lived in Halesowen all my life and have always been fascinated by what was known as the Sons of Rest building. 

We are lucky to have such an iconic building and large grounds in the area and it is important to me that the facility remains available for the community to use. 

 I am proud to be vice chair and to work with such a committed team and I look forward to welcoming you to Hasbury Community Centre soon.

Dennis Neville



I have lived in Halesowen since the early 1980s and I have experience of working with a number of different community and voluntary projects.  

I got involved with saving this building, because of its history and heritage. It is important to keep the community facilities we have and to share them with the community as a whole.

Elizabeth Keenan



I have lived in Halesowen all of my life apart from 15 years when I served in and then married into the Forces. 

I became part of the Hasbury Community Centre team because not only is it part of the Hasbury community heritage, but also part of my own heritage as my father spent many happy hours in the centre after he retired.  

Daniel Bevan


Marketing and Publicity

 I have been a Halesowen resident for all of my life and have often passed this building and wondered exactly what it used to be. After becoming involved with the campaign to save this piece of history its importance and heritage soon became apparent. 

I take great pride in the centre and I am thrilled to be a part of Hasbury Community Association.  

Morgan Lewis



I have lived in the Hasbury area since moving here from South Wales in 1942. I have served as a Councillor for the Hasbury Ward. I am fully aware of the history and the heritage of the building that we have saved. 

I now proudly sit on the committee of Hasbury Community Association.